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RHVHC offers a variety of food animal services both in clinic and in the field. The majority of our patients are beef cattle, but we also provide a variety of services to sheep, goats and pigs.

Got a 4-H project? Contact us to find out about our 4-H Livestock Wellness Program!

Food Animal Services

Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, etc

Fully equiped haul-in facilities

Ovine/Caprine Herd Health

New World Camelid Herd Health


Bovine Reproduction(AI, semen testing)

Nutritional Counseling

Lameness Services/Treatment

Digital Radiography

Minor Field Surgery/Anesthesia

Bovine Herd Health & Production Medicine

Infectious Disease Testing (Trich., BVD, etc)

Health Papers (state accredited)

Digital Ultrasound

ABBI Certified Veterinarian



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