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Senior Cat Care


Is your feline pal aged ten or older? If so, Fluffy is officially a senior … even if she still acts like a kitten. Cats usually age very gracefully, so you probably won’t see drastic changes right away. However, your kitty will benefit from some extra TLC as she grows older. A Butler County vet … Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs


Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2020? If so, your canine companion will be right there by your side through the coming year as you strive to meet your new goals. As it turns out, Fido may have some resolutions of his own! A Wichita, KS vet lists some resolutions for dogs in … Read More »

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Holidays With Cats


The holiday season is ramping up into full gear! Many of us are busy with cooking, shopping, and decorating for seasonal events. Of course, no holiday scene is truly complete without a purring cat! Here, a Wichita, KS vet discusses spending holidays with Fluffy. Guests Cats all have their own purrsonalities. Some are fearless and … Read More »

6 Signs of Pain In Horses


Horses are majestic and amazing creatures. They’ve borne us on their backs since the dawn of history. In fact, if you think about it, civilization would have evolved very differently without them! However, we don’t use horses in our daily life the way we used to. As a result, many people aren’t as familiar with … Read More »

Arthritis In Dogs


As you may know, arthritis is very common in older dogs. In fact, over 65% of dogs over age seven are afflicted. While arthritis isn’t curable, there are things you can do to keep your furry pal comfortable. A Butler County vet discusses doggy arthritis below. Sign Keep an eye out for warning signs as … Read More »

How To Properly Pamper A Pot-Bellied Pig


Have you heard of Spoiled Pig Syndrome? We’re guessing many of you haven’t. Spoiled Pig Syndrome isn’t a specific medical issue. Instead, it’s sort of a catch-all phrase for a variety of behavioral issues that pigs sometimes develop, often as a result of improper care and/or training. Pigs need a lot of TLC. However, if … Read More »

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